Masterclass video

This is my 3rd (second recorded) masterclass lesson, I think it went quite well. Both students said on their surveys that they enjoyed it and would probably suggest it to a friend which is positive feedback, but I didn’t receive the best score possible in every category. In the future to improve on this I could possibly present in a more professional manner. This could be through either my body language, the way I talk to them and the handouts that I give them to use.



I’m happy with both of the¬†anonymous survey results, although there is obviously places where I can improve slightly the overall message from both is that I did a good job and that both the students enjoyed and found the lessons useful.

Lessons done

Yesterday I completed my third half hour lesson with my level one students. Two of the three sessions have been recorded but unfortunately the footage of the second lesson was corrupted and lost. The other two will be uploaded to YouTube with in the next few days. I think they went well and if nothing else I defiantly feel as if I have learnt something from these lessons (ironic because I’m the teacher). Overall I would say it’s been a valuable experience in what my students enjoyed and didn’t, and what kind of a level some of the tasks I was asking them to do are. The final surveys will also be put up soon…


My first lesson went really well yesterday, I think the two students enjoyed it, and they said they’re willing to have another next week. I think I’ve learnt a lot about what tasks they found interesting and not, and what tasks I should bring in next week for them. I asked them both to fill in a quick survey, and they both seemed positive!
I’ll upload a photo of them later today as I don’t currently have them on me…

First lessons today

I’ve had my first lesson planned for a while but not actually got round to doing it, so today’s the day where I can actually put it to practice. In about an hour I’m going to have some level ones for about an hour and I’m going to try and teach them a thing or two on scales and some other basic bits of theory, hope they enjoy it!