Masterclass video

This is my 3rd (second recorded) masterclass lesson, I think it went quite well. Both students said on their surveys that they enjoyed it and would probably suggest it to a friend which is positive feedback, but I didn’t receive the best score possible in every category. In the future to improve on this I could possibly present in a more professional manner. This could be through either my body language, the way I talk to them and the handouts that I give them to use.


You to the Tube

Yo guys I’ve uploaded a bunch of new videos over the last couple of days on my YouTube channel so make sure to check them out…


I’m happy with both of the¬†anonymous survey results, although there is obviously places where I can improve slightly the overall message from both is that I did a good job and that both the students enjoyed and found the lessons useful.

Cuban song…

We’ve started working on a song called the Cuban dance, I got it in a keys lesson and showed to the band and they liked it, so we decided to use it in our band. As you can see by the picture we don’t necessarily communicate in music how everyone does but as long as we get it I don’t care haha