He’s coming!!!

Newton Faulkner will be coming to Leicester college and I’m wondering what question to ask him. I think I’ll go with what inspired him into music as I just think it’ll be interesting to know. I’ll also note down what other people asked him with answers too


Cookie gig!

Hey everyone, or no one, don’t forget me and my band will be at the cookie with a lot of other very talented musicians,so come down. Bands start at about 6 until half 9, see you there…

Recording today

Today we came in early and got recording one of the new songs we’ve wrote, loving you aint easy, and it went well. It just needs to be mixed and mastered and I’ll be able to upload it soon, we’re also going to be recording a new cover song Trampoline tomorrow so hopefully we’ll have another upload to.

Starting a Youtube channel…

I will be starting a Youtube channel very soon, should be by this weekend, where I will putting up piano tutorials for songs. I will start with songs of my choice but when I make it but if anyone has any requests feel free to comment them and I’ll try my best to make a video on it. I’ll post the channel name on here when it’s up and running 🙂


Gig upcoming soon…

Hello people and happy Tuesday, just posting to say me and my band ‘A Major Predicament’ will be preforming live with some other bands at The Cookie on Wednesday the 23rd of March. We should be showing off some new originals and covers so make sure you come down!