Echo factory master class

Today we had a master class delivered to us at Sue Townsend theater, we made notes on what we did and didn’t like to keep in mind when we teach our own lessons in not too long. I feel that the overall presentation wasn’t actually amazing, but had some parts that were good, and it was great in terms of learning how to preform my own master class in the future 🙂


Christmas gig soon

We have just finished our 3rd song in the band! We’re hoping it has a sound that suits our band a bit more than previous songs we’re written, so roll on the Christmas gig…

First actual practice of me and the new band

In our first practice we ended up writing a song based on one of my ideas, we’ve called it no name. We took some ideas of some of my classical playing and merged it with some alternative rock to get an interesting sound.
We’re now in week six and have a couple original songs down and a few more nearly there, so things have been quite productive i think.

The next gig we have lined up is just before the Christmas so I’ll keep you posted with more info closer to the time, thanks for reading…